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Two Bit Suit - 2007


John Wort Hannam’s third recording, “Two-Bit Suit”, was produced by multi-Juno award winning producer Steve Dawson. With Steve Dawson also helping on various stringed instruments, Keith Lowe on upright bass, Chris Gestrin on all things with keyboards, Geoff Hicks on drums and guest musicians John Reischman on mandolin and Jeanne Tolmie and Tyler Bird on backing vocals.

“Two-Bit Suit is an exquisite collection of 11 new tunes from this remarkable prairie troubadour. His “Black Hen”debut is filled to the brim with John’s unique take on the simple day-to-day dramas of the common man through songs that map the landscapes of both the human heart and this vast country of ours.

1. 10,000 Acres (4:15)
2. Two-Bit Suit (3:10)
3. Sweet Sweet Rose (4:40)
4. Damn It Gwenivere (4:05)
5. Infantryman (3:27)
6. Digger's Lament (3:13)
7. Black As Coal (3:39)
8. National Hotel (2:59)
9. At First Light (3:43)
10. Dover (3:08)
11. Wrecking Ball (4:58)